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The CrystalNutri range is a revolutionary new concept in the field of concentrated nutrition.

No chemicals. No heat extraction. No fillers, binders or artificial additives. No capsule. Nothing but pure fruit and vegetable nutrition – in super-concentrated crystals.

CrystalNutri takes produce from some of the most fertile farmland in the heart of Central Europe and combines it with a pioneering technological process.

The result is a unique nutritional powerhouse: beautiful, concentrated crystals of the highest quality hand-selected fruits and vegetables.

Intense flavour. Concentrated nutrition. Extraordinary crystals.

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Yes to NOPE!

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Featured Products – RootSynergy

Honey and lemon.  Apple and cinnamon.  Oats and berries.  Love and kisses.  To these legendary combinations, we can now add a fifth: beetroot and carrot!  Yes, these two humble root vegetables are actually nutritional and detoxification superheroes – especially as a team.  Carrots?  Important sources of carotenoids, vitamin C and other health-giving goodies.

Beets?  Chock-full of blood-building iron, folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12.  Carrots+beets?  All of the above, plus greater absorption of nutrients and trace minerals compared with either vegetable alone.  Delicious, beautiful and nutritious, let our concentrated superfood crystals be your health RootSynergy!


Resilience for the whole family

Your kids’ new favourite treat

Joyful joints and a spring in your step


Pure Blackcurrant

This crystal is so rich in flavour, I have never tasted any berry products like this. I have been using it for few months now and I really feel its effects on my energy level. Keeps me energised during the day. My skin also feels much nicer which is a real bonus to the my increased energy level.

Mary G.


Aurum, ImmunQueen

The moment I first tasted the aAurum, my body felt energised, cleansed and nourished all at once.  Ive been using this for about 4 months, and it just feels as if the energies in the body have transformed.  I’ve also used the crystals (RootSynergy, CrystalBlessing)  from time to time to supplement, which also give an amazing boost, and you can feel the goodness flowing into the body. As a regular energy boost though, I would go for the Aurum. It hits the spot every time.

Dr B Rees


ImmunExtra Kids

We were extremely eager to switch from the “gummy-like” vitamins that my boys had been taking, so we began using ImmunExtra Kids. My boys had grown accustomed to and quite enjoyed their previous vitamins, as they compared them to sweets, so I wondered how they would find the crystals. To my delight, they absolutely love the crystals and prefer the burst of flavour they provide. As a parent I appreciate the simplicity and purity of the crystal ingredients, and I am thrilled that my boys look forward to their daily dose.​ 

Lucy M.



As a vegetarian who has always struggled with their iron levels, I was really keen to try something other than iron tablets and liquids. The RootSynergy has really helped give me a much needed boost of energy when I’ve felt like I’m flagging. The delicious burst of flavour is really enjoyable too – it’s like a tasty treat! These crystals are amazing and I would certainly recommend them.

Lucy M



I use CollagenBloom during training. It is a really effective collagen product and the taste is also pleasant because it contains pineapple and sea buckthorn.

J. Georgina


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We’d like to say a big “Thank you!” to everyone who visited our stand at the Mind Body Spirit (MBS) Festival held at Olympia, London.  This was effectively the ‘launch meeting’ for The Crystal Nutrition Company in the UK so it was an important event for us!

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