Energy & Fitness


Joyful joints and a spring in your step

Whatever stage of life you’ve reached, it goes without saying that you’re an amazing human being.  Whether you’re exercising competitively or for fun, working a physical job or juggling the demands of family, friends and fun, you’re fantastic.  And we can help you be even better.


Your perfect partner for optimum health

Honey and lemon. Apple and cinnamon. Oats and berries. Love and kisses. To these legendary combinations, we can now add a fifth: beetroot and carrot! Yes, these two humble root vegetables are actually nutritional and detoxification superheroes – especially as a team. Carrots? Important sources of carotenoids, vitamin C and other health-giving goodies. Beets? Chock-full of blood-building iron, folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12. Carrots+beets? All of the above, plus greater absorption of nutrients and trace minerals compared with either vegetable alone. Delicious, beautiful and nutritious, RootSynergy concentrated superfood crystals are your perfect partner on the road to optimum health!


Love your heart!

Your life-giving blood is the most mysterious and important substance in your body. The superhighway of blood vessels through which it travels would run for 60,000 miles if stretched out. And if that isn’t incredible enough, building the quality and strength of blood and vessels alike is as easy as dissolving our delicious, concentrated superfood crystals in water. Bursting with berries, beetroot, grape, carrot and apple, our crystals are a rich source of vitamins, phytonutrients and antioxidants that really help you to Love Your Heart!

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