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What’s so special about CrystalNutri fruit & vegetable crystals?

The short answer is simple: plenty! The slightly longer answer is that the three most special qualities of our fruit and vegetable crystals are their purity, their nutritional content and their uniqueness. Our cutting-edge manufacturing process allows us to extract our raw materials without the need for solvents or other ‘nasties’, and neatly sidesteps any requirement for additives like a capsule, flow agents, sweeteners etc. – resulting in one of the purest products on the market.

In terms of nutritional content, extraction is performed at low temperatures that never go above 40 C, and water is removed from the extract through a gentle high-pressure process – which maintains the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and healthy phytochemicals found in the whole fruit & veg. As for the uniqueness of our crystals – there’s simply nothing out there like them! (Hang on, did we mention that they taste incredible and look beautiful as well…?)

If these crystals are simply pure fruits and vegetables, what’s the advantage to me of eating the crystals instead of fruit & veg?

We’re not saying that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables isn’t the ideal way to get your nutrition. But it’s harder than it sounds. How fresh is the fruit & veg you buy every day? Are you able to store it properly when you get it home? Do you have the time to prepare all the fruit & veg you and your family require on a daily basis? Do you – and especially your kids – have the inclination to eat all the fruit and veg you need, every single day? Now consider this. Our fruit & vegetable crystals are extracted fresh, retain the complete nutritional profile of the raw materials and are super-concentrated by 8–10 times compared with the raw produce.

They come in glass jars that take up minimal shelf space and don’t even need a fridge to live happily, just somewhere cool and dry. They are so delicious that even the most ‘fruitphobic’ of kids will love them; a frequent comment is that the crystals are like sherbert or popping candy – but super-healthy and pure!

Why are your crystals so expensive?

We like to think that our fruit & vegetable crystals are an alternative to a daily multivitamin. Think about it: 100% of the nutrition in our crystals – that’s the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients – exists in the natural chemical forms found in fresh fruit & vegetables. That means it’s entirely bioavailable! The nutrients begin to be absorbed into your bloodstream and utilised by your cells as soon as the crystals dissolve in your mouth. Even the best multivitamins can’t do that!

Now compare the prices of our products with a top-quality multivitamin and we hope you’ll see that our prices are not excessive, even bearing in mind our relatively expensive manufacturing process. Also, some fruits and vegetables are more expensive to obtain and process than others, so some of our products are unavoidably more expensive than others.

Why are CrystalNutri’s crystals so sweet?

This one’s easy: the only sweetness you can taste in our products is the natural sugars contained in the raw fruits and vegetables, concentrated by 8–10x.

Are your crystals OK for people with insulin resistance or diabetes?

Yes! We often get asked this question when people first taste our crystals, because of their sweet taste. And although each teaspoon of CrystalNutri fruit concentrate contains 1 g of naturally occurring sugars, it’s important to understand that this is not isolated fructose: our incredible crystals contain all the antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals and phytonutrients found in the raw produce.

Our entire product range is safe for diabetics and those with insulin resistance or pre-diabetes. In fact, those products rich in darker berries, such as elderberry or bilberry, are especially suitable because of the anthocyanins they contain, which help with carbohydrate metabolism and blood-sugar regulation.

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