Our story

The Crystal Nutrition Company: A family business built on passion for nature

“We thought to ourselves, ‘How can we put the essence of our farmland – its profound richness and fertility – into a jar for families everywhere to share and enjoy?’ This is how the CrystalNutri range was born.

“Our inspiration is to give our customers a delicious, nutrient-packed, natural supplement range that is 100% free of any chemicals, solvents or artificial additives. And our unique crystals even reflect the beauty of the countryside!” – Andras and Ibolya, Founders of The Crystal Nutrition Company.

Intense flavour. Concentrated nutrition. Extraordinary crystals.


Our team

Adam - Herbalist & Naturopath

Mariann - Consultant Nutritional Therapist

Andrea - Trichologists - CEO

Violet - Founder & CEO

Andrew - Founder & CEO

Ben - Marketing & Sales Manager

David - Marketing & IT

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