Immune Support


You’ve never tasted anything quite like Aurum10!

Aurum, the Latin word for ‘gold’, reflects its place at the very pinnacle of our innovative product range and the first in our ImmunQueen range. Aurum10 contains ten amazing fruits and vegetables chosen for their outstanding nutritional profiles, properties and synergies. Using an innovative, low-temperature vacuum technology process, we blend these incredible raw materials into a thick, shimmering paste that is delicious eaten directly from the spoon. But whether you spread Aurum10 on toast, dissolve it in water or add it to your daily smoothie, this super-concentrated phytonutrient powerhouse promotes optimum immune, cardiovascular, brain, eye and skin health. Aurum10 is 100% free of additives, sweeteners and preservatives and is ideal for the whole family! 


Resilience for the whole family

Do you remember when your mother, father, granny, grandad, or someone else important in your life told you that “Fruit and vegetables will help you grow up big and strong”? They were right, you know. Eating a rainbow of fresh fruit and veg every day is one of the best ways to build a healthy immune system – and our ImmunExtra concentrated superfood crystals make it easier than ever before! Chemical-free, pure and delicious, ImmunExtra packs a punch of berries and cherries, root vegetables, herbs and apples to support the whole family.


Your kids’ new favourite treat

Children and fruit & vegetables.  Not always the easiest combination, we think you’ll agree.  You know they’re delicious; your explanation of why fruit and veg will help your little ones grow up big and strong is the clearest in the history of parenthood; and they still pull a face and say “Yuck!”.  We have a solution for you: our ImmunExtra Kids concentrated superfood crystals.


A powerfully potent crystalline potion

CrystalNutri ImmunProtect blends three deeply nourishing herbal ingredients – rosehip, elderflower and black elderberry – into a powerfully potent crystalline potion. These delicious crystals are a concentrated source of natural vitamin C alongside immune-supportive bioflavonoids and antioxidants.

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