Mums and babies


Your kids’ new favourite treat

Children and fruit & vegetables.  Not always the easiest combination, we think you’ll agree.  You know they’re delicious; your explanation of why fruit and veg will help your little ones grow up big and strong is the clearest in the history of parenthood; and they still pull a face and say “Yuck!”.  We have a solution for you: our ImmunExtra Kids concentrated superfood crystals.


A true Blessing for female health

The female body is a wonderful and complex thing.  What with monthly cycles, hormones constantly in flux, fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause and more, who wouldn’t benefit from a little health support every now and then?  Our concentrated superfood crystals look and taste amazing, and are packed with female-supporting ingredients that will help you take everything in your stride.  A true Blessing, one might say.

Immunextra Toddler

The purest and most nutritious option for young children and breastfeeding mothers

As your little ones begin to explore the wide and wonderful world of taste and flavour, it’s important to guide them toward the purest and most nutritious options.  A tricky balancing act, for sure – which is where ImmunExtra Toddler superfood crystals come in.  Not only are they packed with nutrients and 100% free of added sweeteners, flavourings, colouring or other nasties, ImmunExtra Toddler crystals are so delicious that your kids will love them!  Our ingredients act synergistically to maximise nutrient absorption and will benefit breastfeeding mothers and their babies alike.


The perfect cooling tonic for hot & bothered internal waters

Burning. Urgency. Fever or chilliness. Lower back pain. It’s no fun at all when our waterworks are struggling, and not everyone wants to take antibiotics. But never fear! CrystalNutri is here, riding to the rescue with our fantastic, super-concentrated Pure cranberry food crystals. A member of the heath family and closely related to the blueberry and bilberry, cranberries are famous for their invigoratingly sour taste and slightly puckering mouthfeel – the two properties that make cranberry so cooling and toning to a hot, overloaded system. Its high vitamin C and antioxidant content are vital here as well. So when you’re hot and bothered, simply dissolve 1–2 teaspoons of our glittering cranberry crystals in a glass of water and cool the waters within!

Collagen Bloom

Joyful joints and a spring in your step

Whatever stage of life you’ve reached, it goes without saying that you’re an amazing human being.  Whether you’re exercising competitively or for fun, working a physical job or juggling the demands of family, friends and fun, you’re fantastic.  And we can help you be even better.

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