The Pioneering Technology

Step 1: Ingredient Sourcing

At the outset, we insist that every single fruit and vegetable destined for our factory is 100% chemical free, and that our produce is grown and harvested locally whenever possible. We operate a streamlined supply chain that whisks our freshly picked produce directly from the farms to our factory in the shortest possible time.

Step 2: Raw Material Selection

Once they are safely unloaded at our factory, we painstakingly hand-select our raw materials and wash them thoroughly.

Step 3: Filtration and Concentration

We then cut and microscopically filter our selected fruit and vegetables. This is the point at which we apply our innovative high-pressure / low-temperature technology to concentrate the purified liquid raw materials by a factor of 8–10x.

Step 4: Crystal Nutrition Production

When the concentrated liquid is dried using a low-temperature vacuum technology, it forms into ‘blocks’ of nutrient-dense fruit & vegetable crystals. We later grind these blocks down, again at low temperature, into Pure Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Crystals.

Step 5: Packaging

Finally, our Pure Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Crystals are packaged into glass jars, using environmentally friendly labels and packaging.

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