Pure Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Crystals

Our recipe uses nature’s finest raw materials

The Crystal Nutrition Company is based in Hungary, a country blessed with some of the richest and most fertile farmland in Central Europe. We have harnessed the power of our soil to harvest the amazing fruit and vegetables in our delicious food crystals.

Pioneering Technology

Whoever said that organic growing standards and cutting-edge technology aren’t natural partners? Certainly not us! We use a low-temperature, high-pressure technique to concentrate our raw materials. Similar to cold pressing but more advanced, our technology preserves vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals while avoiding chemicals and solvents of any kind.

…to create something unique!

The really clever part comes when the concentrated raw materials are transformed into our unique crystals. With no capsule, binders, fillers or other nasties, CrystalNutri Pure Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Crystals dissolve quickly in water to provide an instant ‘hit’ of pure nutrition.

The Result: Crystal Nutrition

The end result is our amazing Crystal Nutrition: concentrated superfood crystals packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Your body will thank you!

Intense flavour. Concentrated nutrition. Extraordinary crystals.


Starter Pack

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1 pc Immuneextra for kids 90g – 1 pc CollagenBloom 90g – 1 pc Immunextra 90g

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