Yes to NOPE!

Yes to NOPE! CrystalNutri at the Natural & Organic Products Europe exhibition, 14–15 April 2024, London, UK

It’s been a little while since we last attended a trade meeting, the Natural Health Trade Summit in Manchester, UK, and even longer since we blogged about the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Birmingham . So a couple of weeks ago, the intrepid Mariann packed up the CrystalNutri stand and took it to the huge Natural & Organic Products Europe (NOPE) exhibition, held at the ExCel Centre in the UK’s capitol London. Here is her report!

New look, same great products

Our products have recently had a facelift, courtesy of our super-talented designer Zsolt in Hungary.  At a busy show like NOPE, eye-catching design is essential to make a stand like CrystalNutri’s ‘stand out’ (groan) from the crowd.  Given how busy our stand was, and the number of positive comments about the artwork that we received from impressed visitors, we are happy to chalk this one up as a big success.  Thanks Zsolt!


Taking ideas on board

One of the best things about NOPE is the opportunity to chat with owners and representatives of independent health stores, and of course to get their feedback on our products.  We were delighted that they all seemed to love our crystals and Aurum10.  Genuine comments included “Oh my God…This is amazing!  You can really feel the quality and the berries”, and “This is delicious, amazing!  All your taste buds are working…!”  Some of these experienced retailers were kind enough to provide constructive suggestions and we will be taking these on board as we continue to develop the products.  One of these suggestions was that they would like to see smaller jars, to make it easier both for shops to display a larger range and for customers to try different fruit & vegetable blends.  This is something that we are already working on, and we will soon be introducing smaller 40g jars across our range.

A plus for patients
Another great opportunity for us at NOPE was the presence of several pharmacy owners. The pharmacists that we spoke to agreed that CrystalNutri products are an excellent option for patients who may be recovering from illness, thanks to their delicious flavours, high nutritional content and easy bioavailability. Many of these patients find it difficult to eat ‘normal’ food, a situation for which our crystals are ideally suited. Not only can they be dissolved in water to make a tasty drink, with no loss of nutritional quality, they also melt quickly in the mouth for ready absorption across mucous membranes.

Communicating the benefits
A meeting like NOPE is all about communication. Whether it’s chatting to members of the public at the CrystalNutri stand, or talking shop with pharmacists, health store owners or representatives of small businesses like our own, NOPE and its ilk represent the perfect opportunity for some serious networking. However, when your products are as innovative and unique as CrystalNutri’s, it can actually make it more difficult to communicate effectively! Trying to explain what our crystals are and why they are so brilliant in a few seconds at a busy stand is a skill that we are always working on.

So when we learn that a phrase like ‘concentrated fruit and vegetables in a crystalline form’ really resonates with the public and makes it easier for us to share the benefits of CrystalNutri products, we’re over the moon. Credit goes to Mariann for coming up with the idea and for thoroughly road-testing it at NOPE this year.

We would also like to say ‘thank you’ to the lovely people who agreed to make a short video testimonial for us during NOPE.


Up next: MBS, London
That’s about it for NOPE. The next exhibition for CrystalNutri will be the Mind Body Spirit Festival at London’s Olympia, on 24-27 May. Hope to see you there!


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Mariann Laszli

Mariann Laszli

Consultant Nutritional Therapist


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